Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~ I Just GO OUTside the [ _ O _ ]

GENTLEMen and LADies did you think for a MIN. Outchic wouldn't be Back???? Haaa bet u thought T O N I was gone 2 ? Guess what U..... OUTCHIC STYLE IS ETERNAL & EVERlasting & don't U forget It....BASTARDz! NOW

Get on your knees and ooozzzee over her Mustard High waisted skinnyz ;')

" I AM That BITCH who hurls Blackberrys with Great VIGOR "

CAPES not for the faint hearted... only for peeps who refuse to exist in this ERA^
going insanely chic w/ glossay pumps,a flirty dress with a retarted cardi!!!


" KICK ROCKS in my Vintage BOOTS"

For all U Label whores OUT there! its the Gucci. " excuse me ru speaking to me?"

Leather is CLASSICAL it never fails to transform street to luxe-trash--------

grrhhhhh....moooooooo!!! Cow print, Leopard print shit all prints speak for thereselves so choose your animal in the mist then STORM!!!

Lable whores beware they're Michael Kors!

This woman was FaBULchic bursting in apples from her heart... BE FEROCIOUS @ every age, and patterned stocks were'nt meant just for PROSTITUTES! Mix all styles Faux Pas are for the fashion sluts NOT the Outchicer's

Stepped on the concrete and I frickin killed it, cracked, split it, and turned it!!!!

NOW PUMP that Concrete!!!

BIANCA DOES whatever the FUCK she deems necessary by ANY means necessary!!!

why don't you turn an overnight bag n2 a DAYbag!

Now Snap on them SUCKAS Tres chic X's.....You might as well comeback :) I'm here to Stay... as if I ever needed to explain myself! ! !!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

~STRIKE up A Pose...R ~

MWWWAAAHHHH!!! The sweet taste of vanilla pumps;) Cherrelle, put yo' feet on these BUFFOON'S THROATS!!!

Toni ( sailor chic strapless)can't stop... & she won't ever stop!!! Notice the jellies on her feet! Don't call it comeback, TRAMPS!!

SPACE AGE BABIES!!! We R from another planet muthachicers!!!!!

Stop hatin' on DC students flamboyant attires, They inspire the massess! From D.C to Milan, no!
Now this is what the FUK U call an I N D I V I D UA L!! She'll piss on your grave b/c her style is just pissy like that... I love it!!!!!

Opaque Leggings and Ballet flats are so 1685 ! Just throw those dam eclectic sneakers +a random pair of leggings = fuk the past CHIC!!
Ashley is adding fuel to the fire with her frickin' silver pointed cowboots and high waisted blazing skirt ;)

Why not wear absurdly sized jewelry???


ANOTHER CLASSIC>REGAL> Backpack if u haven't invested in a leather backpack UR STUPID!!!!!! like me, but I'm getting one... CHEERS TO NEXT TIME;)